Monday, December 29, 2014

puzzle - quiz - average

its the puzzle time of quiz times of Newyork times of america:
            Company C sells a line of 25 products with an average retail price of $1200.
if none of these products sells for less than $420 and exactly 10 of the products
sell for less than $1000, what is the greatest possible selling price of the most expensive product?
a) $2600
b) $3900
c) $7800
d) $11800
e) $18200

Thursday, December 18, 2014

happy birthday to sekar !!!

Two three days back, near our home(to be precise the "rented home"), saw this S shaped leaf.. so nice… God is Great, isnt?!?! .. and incidentally, yesterday the December 17th was my bday.
few more steps, got the second photo.. 
for more on my photography, pls check my fb album, “>>>please check my fb album<<<"
(if u send a friend request or a like or a comment, that would be bday gift ;) ;) )
sorry for the photo clarity, taken with nexus 5.