Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Splunk - mvcombine command - convert rows to columns

Hi All,

So, yesterday we got a strange issue that we want to convert columns to rows.

Step 1 - Lets check this splunk search query -
index=* | stats max(bytes) AS max, min(bytes) AS min BY host

Please note on this image that, for same max/min values, we have 3 hosts.

Step 2 - basic mvcombine
so, we can combine these 3 rows to a single row, like this -
the command is "mvcombine" (multivalue combine) -
index=* host=www* | stats max(bytes) AS max, min(bytes) AS min BY host | mvcombine host

Step 3 - you can use a delimiter 

To see the output of the delim argument, you must use the nomv command immediately after the mvcombine command.

index=* host=www* | stats max(bytes) AS max, min(bytes) AS min BY host | mvcombine delim="," host | nomv host

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

a small c programming / shell scripting quiz

Hi There,
i got this one thru my friend and i solved it with simple paper pencil work itself.
then i thought to solve this thru a simple C or Shell program, but its still going on.. hence i thought to check with you guys...

could you please try to write a c program / shell script to find out (maybe perl / python is good as well)
--- a 4 digit Car number
--- last digit is double of first digit
--- 2nd and 3rd digits are same.
--- last 2 digit number is double of first two digit number.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

photo story - little events ordinary things

three weeks back(written in Dec 2011) i was in hometown(tirupur, the dollar $$ city)… the rainy sesson gave me lot of photos…remember “the god of small things” novel’s theme – “the little events, ordinary things”… these photos will resemble few little events…Please read the info, some pictures maynot show any meaning to some people. for easy commenting ;) i numbered the photos ;) … and you can invent more myself in my blog…

1. the lone star – the first one, which reminded my friend anand’s gtalk name – “the lone star”

2. Some years back they laid cement tar road just before my house. once, for a function, we made a small hole for supporting an iron rod pole. this time i saw that a small plant in it… i wondered “how that plant seeds found out this perfect spot!!! ”

3. TVS – then i saw another plant thru the wheels of an abandoned TVS, my grandfather’s sun TVS it was.

4. empty glass – then, i saw an empty plastic glass, good that i took a snap of it…

5. full glass - that same day night rainfall made the glass full… 

6. tea cup - then i saw another empty tea cup, squeezed with thumb and middle fingers. the rain water, as usual filled the empty spaces it could found…

8. Inception Bell - then inside home, i saw a bell inside a bell shaped hollow, which reminded me the inception movie(dream inside a dream)…

9. Inception Banana leaf - and when i saw this banana leaf, once again the inception came…

10. tooth brush - then, see, how strange our human mind co-relates !!! when i saw this simple scene of tooth brush, i thought of a judge reading a death sentence as ”you three will be hanged till next day they brush their teeth”

11. murdered lemon - then last to last trip, i took this murdered lemon photo…

12. dead lemon – and this time, they are dead, officially… 

13. doggy – and a doggy wanted to know what i am doing in his territory.

14. Green Attack -  and you know the mummy movie scene - ”vandu” will run over a fallen man and he will become death body…i remembered that scene when i saw this cycle being attacked by small plants… i would like to call this as “Green Attack”

15. Anbey Sivam –  (apologize for my poor photography of showing the photographers shadow in the photo, i am still learning) though, lord ganesh always comes first, since the message is what important here, i kept this one for the last of this travel…அன்பு என்றும் நிலையானது. அன்பே என்றும் நிலையானது.